Five(5) Necessary Things You Must Do After Unprotected S*x

Yea,sometimes Things can go fast from foreplay to s*x and partners may not remember to use condoms. Unprotected s*x is sexual intercourse without the use of a barrier method of contraception. This can be either the male or the female condom. Unprotected s3x increases the risk of contacting HIV or STD and can lead to unwanted pregnancy. Many people do some crazy things after sex and which can be risk to their life, some will damage their system by engaging on drug abuse when they notice some change on their body after having unprotected s*x, in this article we will give you some necessary things you need to do after having an unprotected s3x..Read carefully, make sure you understand.

(1)Consult a Doctor:
After unprotected s3xual intercourse you need to consult either your family doctor or any doctor. Inform him about the incident, You need to do this in less than 72 hours after the unprotected s3xual intercourse, The doctor will now instruct you on what to do, probably he will direct you to test for HIV and STD, With the result, he will prescribe the right medicine for you if any infection was found.

(2)Take Emergency contraceptive pills:
This is one of the best ways of preventing unwanted pregnancy after engaging on unprotected s3xual intercourse. You will have to take emergency contraceptives in form of emergency contraceptives pills. Emergency contraceptive pills is used to prevent pregnancy. It can be obtained with a doctor’s prescription or as an over the counter drug (OTC) in drug stores. A commonly used form of EC is Postinor 2® which is taken within 72 hours after having unprotected sexual intercourse. It contains Levonorgestrel which is a synthetic form of a female reproductive hormone that prevents implantation hence pregnancy doesn’t occur.

3. Request for an Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) 
If after 72 hours, then you must contact your health care provider for an emergency IUD. IUD is tiny rod-like devices inserted into the uterus (womb) by your doctor. There distort cervical mucus and prevents the implantation of the egg. If inserted properly and within 5 days, it is highly effective with an efficacy rate of about 98%. It is important to note that EC and IUD don’t give any protection nor prevent STD and HIV infection.
4. Test for STD and HIV :
These aspect is very important after engaging in unprotected s3xual intercourse, you need to know your HIV Status or whether you have been infected with STD. If possible, such test should be conducted with your s3xual partner. STD to be tested for includes Hepatitis B and C, gonorrhea, syphilis and Chlamydia. However, results gotten from an early test are inconclusive hence test must be repeated after 6 months for cases of HIV and Hepatitis. Knowing your status will help you know the next action to take. if you are unlucky to be infected with any of STD then you Treat it in the early stage.
5. Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)
PEP is essential after a high risk unprotected s3xual intercourse. This includes cases of rape by an unknown people, sexual intercourse with an individual living with HIV or unprotected s3xual intercourse with a partner with known multiple sexual partners. You must visit a health center that provides such service and after counseling and series of test, you will be commenced on PEP for a duration of one month. The drugs have been noted to be 99% effective in preventing HIV if commenced within 72 hours. PEP provides protection against HIV but not to other STD. However, you will have to do another HIV test after 6 months to be declared free from the deadly disease.
Hope this is helpful, feel free to comment if you have any question, we will definitely answer you.

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