Seven(7) Solid reasons most people might never find love.

There are so many reasons most people remain single and alone for a long time and may not find love because they have a particular mindset about love and loving others.
Below are 7  Solid reasons most people might never find love.

1. You are still stuck on a former love unless you move on, you’ll never be happy.

2. You think your work makes you too busy, you can’t be too busy to love someone.

3. You constantly blame yourself for all your failed relationships in the past.

4. You keep creating problems that aren’t there, constantly looking for faults and flaws.

5. You have a negative approach to relationships and keep thinking everyone you meet will disappoint you.

6. You are too scared to show anyone who you really are.

7. You do the same thing in all your relationships and expect different results.

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