How To Identify Ladies You Should Never Get Married To ( Must Read)

Marriage is a beautiful thing, they say, but how true is that statement if you’re married to the wrong woman?
You’ll probably want to play your wedding tape in reverse till the moment when you weren’t married.
Before I sat down to write this piece, I asked some spinsters if they think they are wife materials.
Some 30% of them got angry with me for asking them such a question; they felt it was insult, while the remaining 60% actually answered politely and said yes to being good wife materials.
The truth is that most single ladies who are ready to get married are wolves and lionesses that no man should ever get married to.
Read on as I show you how you can easily identify them, if you are already dating one, I advise you to run as fast as your legs can carry you.

1. She doesn’t do anything:
 Some guys will tell you that they can work for both themselves and their wives, I don’t have a problem with that, but what about now, what does she do? I don’t advice you to marry a lady who depends on you for “air”.
If she can’t do anything to earn a living, has no skill, then better dont marry her else you’re going to see her as a burden oneday.

2. Don’t really love her:
 Love is the most important thing in any relationship, if you don’t love her you should never get married to her; don’t  because someone you trust recommend you should marry her, NO don’t marry her, You should marry her for what you feel for her and not because you want to please someone else, if you don’t love her then please don’t marry her.

3. She doesn’t believe in you:
 If you are dating a lady who constantly reminds you that you have nothing to offer then you shouldn’t marry her.
Your wife to be should be someone who shares your dream and you share hers too, she must be very supportive.
A woman that has dreams of her own cannot look down on yours. So if she doesn’t believe in you don’t marry her else you guys will have problems later.

4. Opposes you:
She Never see Something meaningful in your decision, If She always tackle your opinion, don’t marry her,  because there won’t be peace in that marriage.

5. She can’t stand your family:
 Never marry a woman who cannot stand your family because a time will come when she won’t be able to stand you too; who would you run to then?
The same family you abandoned for her? You shouldn’t risk tearing your life to pieces like that. If your family says no to her then find out why, if she’s the one that just doesn’t like seeing your family members, then the problem is even bigger.

6. No domestic blood:
You may want to ignore the fact that she can’t cook, but does it stop there? Can she clean? Wash and arrange the house without complaining that you aren’t helping?
This is something to watch out for in any lady you intend in taking to see your mama. She must be someone that tends after her home like a precious vineyard; else if you make the mistake of marrying her you won’t be able to stand her in a few years to come.

7. Materialistic and frivolous:
So you really like her, maybe love her, but she’s just too expensive and 80% of the time you are the one doing the paying, hmm. Who told you that she’s going stop demanding when you put a ring on her finger?
Maybe you are one of the big boys in town and have a whole lot of money, that doesn’t mean you should marry a lady who’s willing to help you spend half of it. Your wife should be a gatherer not a dispenser.

8. She’s not godly: 
Maybe you count yourself as one of those sinners in town or a bad boy of all sorts, but believe me your life will turn out even more miserable if you marry a bad girl.
Check her well, if she exhibits ungodly traits you should never even think of taking her to the alter, a lady that smokes, drinks, lies, comes home late, curses, talks too much, nags, gossips, is lousy or has a raging temper is not godly, you should never think of marrying such woman.

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