The Best Topics to Talk About With a Girl to Keep Her Interested

So you meet a girl, and you like her. But you’re tongue-tied. Well, that can be a problem, huh? Here are some topics to talk about with a girl.

Even if you had the looks, the fancy suit, or the expensive car, if you can’t keep a conversation with a girl, you’ll lose to the next guy who’s good at it. Girls love themselves a nice chat, and a guy with superb conversation skills is more likely to get into a woman’s good graces if he’s creative in his use of words, and knows the right topics to talk about with a girl.

It is through conversations where a girl gets to know you, how you think, and if she’ll consider being with you in the end. And of course, you can’t even ask for her name or get her number without talking to her. That’s why a conversation is the first step to winning the girl.

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The art of conversing with a lady

If you’ve ever been on a first date or approached a girl randomly, you’ll be familiar on how painfully awkward it can get if the conversation drifts off into silence. It is for that reason that thinking of a conversation topic is far more challenging than planning where to take her on a date.

Furthermore, there’s the obvious reason that men and women talk differently. You can’t use the same topics that you talk about with your buddies to a girl you’re pining for. That is why, aside from having a big bunch of topics in your list, knowing when to bring them up is equally important in the art of conversation.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re learning about what topics to talk about with a girl.

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