Ladies See What Men Want From You And H0w To Give It To Them {Must Read}

If You Study This And perfectly Understand It , Your Husband partner  Will Always Run Home After Work To Meet With You..

Below Are The Tips  On What Men Want From A Woman.

1. He loves d0ggy style:
 Men love the d0ggy style of s*x and find that idea of ‘submissiveness’ highly er0tic. It’s one s*x position that enables men to climax without too much efforts!
Become familiar with his frenulum, one of the most sensitive areas of the pen!s, which is on the underside of the pen!s.
Playful light pressure to the frenulum often coax more blood into the pen!s for even harder er@ctions. Wrap your hand around his pen!s so that the fleshy pads of your fingers rub over the frenulum. Place his hand over yours so he can guide you up and down just the way he likes it.

2. Double his pleasure:
Stimulate another erogenous zone such as his test! cles and n!pples. Rub the nerve-rich seam running down the middle of his scr0tum, then gently push up against the base of his test!cles with your hand. That’s a way to ar@use his prostate, the sensitive gland known as the male G-sp.ot, says s*x expert,

3. Grab his bu,tt: 
Wrapping your hands around his bu.tts will make him feel wanted, which will turn him on.

4. Guide him:
When he st!mulates you with his hand, guide him to show him how you like to be t@uched. Your magic phrase?
“Like this.” That’s all—he’ll get the picture.

5• During s*x, switch positions:
Slowly k!ss him along his neck and collarbone. When you are shifting from one s*x position to another, turn around and offer him entry.
If you’re not really looking for solutions, tell him in black and white: “I’m not looking for you to fix anything; I feel better just
having you understand how I’m feeling.” He will have the satisfaction of having provided something of value to you, the woman he cares about.

6• To find out what he likes, ask:
 Guys can be shy about telling you what really turns them on and how they like to be touched down there. So, ask. Your permission to be open will create a safe, comfortable atmosphere that can turn into some really hot s*x

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