How to make a girl love you forever even when you are broke and hash to her


1. Fellas don’t ever be too busy for your woman, no matter how tight your schedule is, make sure you create 2 – 5 minutes to text or speak with her over the phone. Ask how her day is, let her understand you are concerned about her day to day activities, that you want to be part of her and would do everything possible to keep in touch.

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2. It is not just about speaking, i know we men are sweet in terms of words, we cherish our women, we appreciate them with words and all but we must learn to put every word into action, women love those words yes but they will eventually get tired if actions don’t follow. They don’t just want to be hear the assurance, they also want to see and feel it.

3. When she wants to talk to her, one of the sweetest things to do at that time is to be silent and listen. Oh my! Your woman will always love and appreciate you for being a good listener; she wants to feel like a queen that she is, she wants to know that she has your attention and would love to have you around to talk to. A good listener is considered a great king.

4. Even if the sex is bad, talk about it with her, let her know that you know how things are shaping up, speak with her, ask her about other things you could do to make it up to her, other things you could do to spice up your sexual life. Is it the tongue game, or a different style or touching a special part that turns her on? If you are too ashamed to talk about it with her, she will feel disconnected totally and that’s not how it works. To keep it tight and right, you have got to talk about these things.

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5. Whatever she wears, appreciate her and let her know she is always beautiful. Even if she is wearing something that doesn’t fit, she needs to know that she is beautiful but yeah she has to wear something that will embrace her beauty more. That way, she will feel more positive around YOU.

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